DGPA Service;
  • Meets the needs of Customers in sourcing and procuring material from around the world through access to producers.
  • Removes much of the logistical headache in finding and sourcing commodities.
  • Smoothens mismatches between consumption and production volumes.
  • Is flexible and transparent for the consumer with the added services of transportation where appropriate, to further enhance the procurement process.
  • Gives miners and producers access to consumer markets around the world.
  • Removes much of the logistical headache in selling commodities.
  • Evens out mismatches between production and consumption volumes.
  • Is flexible through added services such as transportation up and down the supply chain.
  • Is transparent for the producer.
Our services include, but are not limited to;

Marketing And Distribution

We provide miners and producers access to markets for their products. DGPA through her international partners and extensive market network, services such producers through entering into transparent marketing agreements for the distribution of their product to end consumers.

DGPA takes full control of the distribution and selling process, typically from mine-site or port of origin to the end consumer and delivers this service usually in conjunction with the provision of our transportation and logistics services.

Sourcing And Procurement

Whether it be hard to find material or commodity or looking for competitive pricing, customers rely on DGPA for its extensive knowledge and strong relations with producers around the world of a wide array of precious, metals, minerals and agricultural produce to meet consumption need.

Efficiently sourcing material is a key aspect for our customer, and we deliver expertise in aiding the sourcing and procurement process complemented by provision of logistical and transportation services.


DGPA is an experienced Agent acting on behalf of principals who are procuring or selling metals, mineral and commodities. We have acted for principals in identifying and evaluating investment opportunities in mining and conversion assets and in downstream production facilities.

Our Agency business is underpinned by our extensive knowledge and expertise within the precious metals, minerals and commodities arena and is usually delivered in conjunction with our array of services such as logistics and transportation.

Transport And Logistics

Logistics is a key service that DGPA delivers to its customers managing the transportation of materials around the world constantly striving for cost effectiveness and timely delivery. We are among the world’s most experienced companies in the planning and design of transportation and logistics systems for mining products and the movement of other bulk commodities.  We have a dedicated team of trucks and shippers located throughout our network focussing on the art of international commodity logistics and transportation with all that such an endeavour entail.

At either end of this chain are our Customers and DGPA is focused on meeting their needs and doing so as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We recognise the importance of considering the entire logistics system from source to destination, and we use our global agility and willingness to challenge design boundaries to deliver customised solutions in ever changing markets.