Who We Are

Dabwill Global Procurement Agency (DGPA) is an expert in procuring, trading, selling, and servicing customers across the world in precious, critical metals, minerals, and other commodities. Sourcing materials from the remotest corners of the world and delivering them on time and compressively priced is the expertise which our valued clients rely on. We achieve this through our conservative risk management culture, experienced staff, and expert market intelligence. We offer unrivalled experience and expertise in consulting and sourcing services for our minerals, metals, and commodity clients. We challenge and redefine what’s possible in the commodity sector.

Why Us?

We are a specialist procurement agency. DabWill Global Procurement Agency is also a global leader in providing a platform where the supply of a broad range of high-quality critical minerals used in emerging high-tech applications across a variety of sectors such as renewable energy, aerospace, defence, automotive, telecommunications and Agri-tech which are essential for the economic and industrial development of major and emerging economies.


To emerge as leader in the product procurement industry.


To harness the power of long-term partnerships, built on integrity, reliability, and an innovative solutions mindset to deliver shared success.


Discipline, On-time delivery, Compressive pricing, and Value for money.